Hillmorton Charities Trust

Hillmorton Charities Trust exists to offer financial grants for 3 purposes:

  1. To help individuals in need, hardship or distress

·       The application must be accompanied by a letter of support from someone in a position of responsibility

·       The trustees will require proof of residence in the parish.

·       The trustees may ask for further details about financial status.

  1. For the upkeep, repair and maintenance of the land surrounding St John the Baptist Church, Hillmorton
  1. For the benefit of inhabitants of the parish of Hillmorton

·       Educational Grants are available for educational projects up to a maximum of £1000.

·       Community Grants are available for projects that benefit residents of the parish.  

The Trust has limited funds to distribute and for this reason looks favourably on small projects where a modest grant can still make a worthwhile difference.


All applications are carefully considered. If you would like to apply, please contact the clerk to the Trustees, Ms Linn Ashmore, 18 Fareham Avenue, Rugby CV22 5HS email: linn123@btinternet.com

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